Safety Quo – The Book

Update – the book is now published. It’s available here in hardback, paperback and e-book versions as well as Amazon and the usual suspects for books.

I have been writing the book Challenging the Safety Quo for some time – longer than it probably should have been, as it’s difficult to fit it in around everything else. But it is now fully drafted and in production with the publishers. Publication is expected to be sometime towards the end of 2017.

The book will expand on the blog topics on the site, plus cover off some of the other areas of conventional safety that warrant some challenge. It deliberately steers clear of detailed academic-style analysis of the issues. This is already out there in the market place and done much better by others than me. But for some reason, this knowledge has not made it into the operational world anything like as broadly as it should have. The book fills this gap between academia and industry and hopefully will act as an opener to get people sufficiently interested to go and read the more in-depth technical work that is available.

More than anything, it is intended to make people think a little bit more deeply about how they are managing safety. I’ve tried to make it accessible and occasionally light-hearted – although a serious topic, I think there is room for a bit of levity to keep interest up.

It’s very easy to throw stones and have a go at what is being done, less easy to identify and offer alternatives. So there will also be some ‘how to’ ideas and explanations.


If you would like notification of when it’s ready and available, please send me an email at or just follow the blog.