Craig Marriott is a senior safety professional with 25 years experience managing safety in high hazard industries, principally nuclear and petrochemical. His experience across process and personal safety, in both technical and leadership roles brings a unique combination of insights. He is renowned for pragmatic solutions and understands the balance required to manage safety with other, sometimes competing priorities. Craig has written and managed safety cases for some of the world’s most hazardous processes.

Originally from the UK, Craig now lives in New Zealand with his wife, Karina, three children and a slightly crazy cocker spaniel. He played semi-professional rugby union before injury put paid to it and now restricts his involvement to armchair criticism. He has recently taken up athletics for the first time since university and now competes in Masters Games competitions (i.e. for old people).

As well as information on this website, Craig provides consultancy services direct to clients via Advisian*, the global management and technical advisory consultants – www.advisian.com

*Views and thoughts on this website do not necessarily reflect those of Advisian, or any other client or affiliated company