Safety related books

Some of these links are specific books, others are authors who have published several. Note that I haven’t got any affiliations to any authors or any bookstores. This is just a free service. You’re welcome.

Sydney Dekker

Dekker is an academic with a practical bent. He has authored a number of books that are worth reading. Of particular interest is the recent Drift into Failure – a look at how seemingly minor deviations, none of which are ‘unsafe’ can aggregate over time to a more significant failure.

Andrew Hopkins

Well known for his work on accident investigation, Hopkins places a significant emphasis on leadership failings as a pre-cursor to major accidents. Click here for his Amazon author page.

James Reason

Best known for his ‘swiss cheese model’ of accident causation, James Reason is a psychologist that has published several books on the human involvement in safety.Available here

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Not really safety books, but with strong parallels, particularly for risk management. Taleb is a former market trader and the books focus on risk awareness – with a particular focus on randomness and its impact. Not an easy read, although they get gradually more reader friendly, but some excellent insights. Found here at book depository (sharing the love with Amazon).

Daniel Kahnemann

A nobel prize winning economist, Kahnemann discusses the psychology of decision making in Thinking, Fast and Slow. Again, not strictly a safety book, but the discussions around heuristics and risk are particularly appropriate. Find it here

Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot

The Tiger That Isn’t is a book about statistics, their use and abuse. This does not sound exciting, but it is very well presented in a readable and interesting style (think Freakonomics rather than text book). Shows how few people understand the numbers that we use and display – a must for anyone that is developing indicators for corporates.

Susan Murray

Not even remotely related to safety, but a couple of books authored by a good friend of mine, so I’m taking the liberty of putting a link in here. There has to be some benefit to owning the site.

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