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For a selection of useful books related to safety, click here. I’ll try to include a brief review for each, but haven’t got to them all just yet.


These are mostly discussion sites that provoke some thought and debate over interesting safety topics. I don’t agree with all of what they say – but in all cases it is well considered and thought through. Disagreeing and debating is a sign of maturity in complex areas, so it’s OK to have different views.

A collection of blogs, videos and podcasts from a variety of contributors with a focus on doing things differently to get different results. A strong bias towards ‘cutting edge’ and current thinking. Slightly academic at times, but well worth a read.

The website of Alan Quilley, a Canadian safety consultant who is a strong advocate of strongly evidence based approaches. Alan is also very active on LinkedIn and regularly publishes content there.

Dave Collins’ site that has one of the biggest collections of material anywhere on the web. Dave has been building this for a long time and it is interesting to see his own personal journey in his approach to safety. He has left all of the early stuff there for viewing, even though he may no longer completely agree with it – at least that’s my impression. He may see it somewhat differently!

Articles and blogs from Carsten Busch. Always thoughtful and thought-provoking. Particularly impressive when you think that English is not Carsten’s first (or maybe even second or third) language. He regularly posts detailed book reviews.

Phil LaDuke

Phil posts his views with an unashamed front-line worker bias. His passion for keeping people from harm shines through in his writing, which is always provocative – usually deliberately so.

I don’t envy the role of regulators. They are duty-bound to work in a certain way and sometimes I’m fairly sure they would rather try something different. They don’t always help themselves, though. UK safety performance is generally recognised as some of the best in the world. In my view, this is down to (overall) how well it is regulated. Part of that is the provision of good quality information to help business understand both the law and how the regulator wants to see it implemented (other regulators elsewhere, please take note). This site is chock full of useful information and guidance. For those jurisdictions with risk based regimes, the ALARP guidance is particularly useful.